World No Tobacco Day – Quit Smoking for your Loved Ones


Smoking Kills!!! We are aware of this ‘Warning’, still we smoke and let the passive smokers in our family too suffer in many ways. There are other hidden losses too that we cannot foresee till we face those.

Why to wait till you face the worst situation with your Health and Wealth?

It is known that smoking is bad for health and bad health can leave you with a painful life. It can start hitting your finances so badly that you can’t even imagine.

If you are smoking 10 pieces of cigarette daily, on an average you are spending Rs. 150 per day which is monthly Rs. 4,500/- that can be saved for your loved ones.

On the occasion of ‘World No-Tobacco Day’ let us take a pledge to share and spread the health and wealth risks of smoking (awareness) to our near and dear ones. Let’s also spread the message that it should not be just for a day but throughout the year.

Investment Graph

Your investment of Rs. 4,500/- per month in direct mutual fund for next 15 years can create a wealth of Rs. 16.28 Lacs

If you think the COST is not much, probably you need to think again.

Start thinking. Start saving. Start investing.