Feature Update : Custom Goal & an overhaul on Goal Timeline

Create goals with your own choice of icon & name. You will also see a revamped dashboard to give more insights on your goals.

Goal Timeline

We are back with a couple of more interesting features for you.

Custom Goal

For past couple of months, we received feedback from you all that goal names should be custom. Currently, icon and name of the goals were uneditable. We have now made it custom for you.

On click of Invest Now button, you will find a new option Custom under a list of Goals. Custom Goal

Goal selection will take you to a screen which will enable you to customize your goal. You can edit name & icon of the goal of your own choice.

Custom Goal ScreenThis will make your dashboard look more customized for your needs.

New Goal Timeline

We have revamped our Goal Timeline on a dashboard. This timeline would be more intuitive. Below are few important features of a new timeline.

  1. If you have goal maturity of few or more goals close to each other, you will see a number of goals on a timeline and on hover, you will see your goal icons.

More Goals

2. Goal icon is surrounded by an arc which denotes percentage completion of your goal.

3. On click of your goal icon, a summary of your goal should appear on right side of the timeline. This will show current value, IRR, Estimated Value. On click of goal details, it will take you to a screen which will give detailed information about your goal.

Goal Details

I hope these features will make Invezta more lively. We will soon add more features to our website and make it more awesome.

Keep sending your love and feedback to support@invezta.com


    • This is a much-needed feature. I have multiple goals for Emergency Fund, Expense Reserve, etc. for which I have used goals like Car, Wealth with varying maturity dates. Ability to rename existing goals would really help here.

    • Hi Allen,

      As Shashi responded, we are yet to have that feature. We will soon enable this to edit Goal Maturity as well as Goal Name / icon. Stay tuned

  1. Sadly no direct way. You have to create a new goal by using Invest Now. Now, the goal will be available in your timeline. Now, go to your Transactions List and change the goal for all the existing transactions. Do the same by going to Systematic Transactions as well.

    Once you map all the existing transactions to the new goal, then the goal timeline will not show the old goal

    • Hi Vishnu,

      Yes currently this is the way however, we are soon coming up with a new screen for goal mapping which will make goal making flawless and easy to understand.

  2. This feature was a long pending update. I was told that it will be done by April 2017 and then June 2017 and we are getting this feature after 1 year wait.

    But, Such a poor implementation and with poor quality testing. Not even worth for preproduction, forget about end users using it.

    Few Problems:
    1. Cannot create a new goal without starting new investment.
    2. Cannot rename a goal or change the goal time
    3. Cannot remove a goal manually. Your goal gets removed just like that when there are no transactions mapped to it. You have start fresh again (invest fresh and create the same goal, map the transactions again…. wow)
    4. Cannot map existing folios to a new goal. Requires painful task of changing goal for each transaction you did . in your lifetime
    5. When you have SIP pending for the next 7 days, you cant change goal for that folio. (Why the heck?) And, you click save by mistake, all the changes you did will get revereted back for the transactions which are belonging to that SIP date.

    • Dear Vishnu,

      We understand that we delayed bringing this feature but we had to implement few other features. We have made it live after doing rigorous tests, please let us know if you find any bugs in this release.

      I went through your problems & all of these are handled in the new screen we are launching exclusive to goal mapping.

      Thanks for your patience.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I hope the new screen works.

    Few more bugs:
    1. After clicking Invest now with new Custom Goal, some times immediately the goal will appear in timeline. Some times, you have to logout and login. Some times, you need to wait for the transaction status to move to “Process completed successfully.”
    2. After clicking Invest now with a new custom goal, after completing the transaction, if I go to Transactions, the goal name shows “Others with Date Selected”. When I have 2 goals in same month, almost impossible to distinguish them. Instead it should show as Goal Name – Month / Year.

    • Dear Vishnu,

      Yes goal shall appear on the dashboard only when you will have confirmed transactions in them, however with the new page you will be able to see all the goals you created and you can tag funds to them.

      It must be intermittent issue, you should see your goal name as you created in the transaction history page.