Hello there!

Hope you and your family are doing well and in the best of health.
I am Sharad, founder of Invezta, writing to you with utmost pleasure and sharing some transformations that we will see in the coming days.
There is one thing that’s constant, and that’s change. Covid, Work-from-Home, social distancing, etc. have already affected a lot of change.
Besides, there is a constantly changing business and regulatory environment that we need to proactively keep aligning with.
In the last year or so, there has been a slew of regulatory changes and clarifications from the market regulator (SEBI), and we have been thinking about how we can continue to provide cutting-edge product and service to different customer segments. 
In light of the same, over the next few days, we will undergo the following changes. And as always, we will be quick in execution and smooth in transition.
The key points worth noting:
1. While we continue to offer Advisory (Direct plans) services, that you have been availing for a while at Invezta, we are happy to announce that we shall also be offering Distribution Services (Regular plans). However, we shall keep the two offerings separate from each other for better manageability. This implies that the investing applications – mobile app and website – for the two offerings will be separate too.
2. We are rebranding Invezta to FinZipp.com, the Advisory platform, with a new name and feel which shall continue providing advisory services and stay as the flagship platform for Direct plans. We shall be communicating more details on the transition shortly.
3. Like all good things, the inaugural offer of zero-fee for Advisory services comes to an end on December 31, 2020. Regulations do not allow free advice on market-linked investments and we all should comply. The fee structure, as communicated at the time of your account creation at Invezta shall be applied to the new platform, starting January 1, 2021.
4. The current website and mobile app, Invezta, shall be used as a Distribution services platform, subsequently.
What Does This Mean for You?
Nothing changes, other than the brand name, look and feel.
Your investments, folios, mandates, fee structure… everything stays intact and remains the same as it is now, with ZERO deviation.
Further, it only gets better and faster.  As always, you should continue to expect some interesting industry firsts, maybe global firsts, coming your way, post the migration to the all-new world.
And all through this, you will find us standing right beside you to take care of anything that you may need. You being an integral member of familia Invezta, we need your support and cooperation to make this change happen.
We are excited about FinZipp.com and I am sure you would love it too.
We shall be taking a scheduled downtime from 9 PM, 18-Oct to 6 AM, 19-Oct, to test a few things that can help us transition. We shall send an update once we are done.
We would be digging through the earth's core during the next few days to make this happen. Stay with us. It was never possible without you and it shall never be.
Until next time,
Yours truly,