ICICI Prudential Bluechip -G

Fund Objective ...

Growth of Funds vs. Index

Historical Performance

Asset Allocation

Rating Classification

Sector Allocation & Constituents

RETURNS [compared to peers] * Annualized returns are displayed for 1 year and above.

Funds are bucketed on various parameters with respect to other funds in their category.
6 months
1 Year
2 Year
3 Year
5 Year
The return of fund is compared with the minimum and maximum return of the category. The percentage at the top of the bar is the fund's return and the fill color signifies the same. The numbers at bottom-left and bottom-right are the minimum and maximum return of funds in the category.

Risk Return Matrix

1y 2y 3y 5y
The scatter plot shows position of the fund amongst its peers. The selected fund is shaded. The size of the circle depicts the AUM of the fund.

Fund Manager Performance

Statistic   Fund Index
Active Risk
Sharpe Ratio
Information Ratio

The statistics here represent the fund manager's agggregate performance across all his/her funds.
  • Rolling Alpha

Monthly Alpha
Quarterly Alpha
Half Yearly Alpha
Yearly Alpha
3 Year Alpha
5 Year Alpha
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  • Redemption Period
Risk Return Statistics (2yr)
Statistic   Fund Index  
Active Risk
Jensen Alpha
Sharpe Ratio
Treynor Ratio
Information Ratio
Sortino Ratio
Fundamental ratios (based on latest portfolio)

  • Turnover ((%)

  • P/E Ratio

  • Yield To
    Maturity (%)

  • Average
    Maturity (Yr.)

  • Modified
    Duration (Yr.)

Skills Overview

The attribution analysis here analyses the sources of alpha of a fund. The benchmark considered for analysis is a synthetic category average benchmark. Comparison with such benchmark clearly shows the skills of the fund manager against the peers.
Alpha Drivers
Sector Allocation
Stock Selection
Top 5
Alpha Contributors
Alpha Detractors
Right Picks
Percentage of picks from all stocks that went right.
Active Weight
Measure of the active (different) positions of fund w.r.t. benchmark.

Alpha Sources

The vizualization here shows the stocks and the alpha that the fund managers has generated from them. The size of a polygon indicates the weight of the stock in the fund and the color depicts the alpha generated (red implies negative alpha and green implies positive alpha). Mousover any polyThe details
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